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Xteve is a Visual Designer, Online Editor, Multimedia Expert, Director and DoP/Camera Operator based in Shanghai/China since 2004; worked on Advertisements, TV-Commercials, Industry film, Corporate movies and oversized content for Exhibition Show's around Europe, Asia and greater China.

green screen Studios

Allmost any of our studio projects involve Green Screen and High End Lighting. 

product Shots

Using special grip gear, we do all kind of product shots to let your product shine.

Sessions with Talents

To tell a story, there have to be actors, extras, props master, stylists and makeup artists. 


From a one man crew to a full hollywood production crew, we are happy to help you with your production.

Post Production

We edit, grade, vfx and sfx efficient with our Apple Silicon and Davinci Resolve and a bunch of external SSD's.


We can help you as producer, fixer, location scout, DP, DIT, Camera Operator, tech assistance, field audio recording and boom operator.

View into a work of art.

Here a shot for Anheuser Bush / Stella Artois

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Video Production Services

Show Content

Porsche ...

TV Commercial

in 2007 we did a lot of TVC for Coke, McCafe, Wyeth, Aokang, LiNing... This Continental AD, we worked with Image-Unit together in Shanghai.

Industry & Corporate

I shot about 50+ science related journals for JoVE.

Product Unveiling

Porsche Boxster S

Social Media

Porsche Sports Car Night...

Feature Film

Witness the rebirth of the classic Spaghetti Western genre! Join the debut of Italy's first martial arts movie superstar Christian Bachini starring in a Sergio Leone meets Bruce Lee violent and epic story of kung fu, cowboys, gangsters and corruption, from director Jakob Montrasio.


A Customer Jurney ...


From 2010-2020 Xteve participated in a lot of documentaries.

Event Coverage

German French Friendship, celebrated at Deutsche Schule Hongqiao.

International team

Xteve Reimann

Lighting and directing Cameramen

Lucy Wang

Producer, Fixer

Olga Pankowa

Talent Scout & Production Assistent

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Recommendations at LinkedIn

Xteve Reimann, is the most dedicated photographer I know, and a very good friend too! his unique and sharp vision for image catching and variety creation are breathtaking!

Hans Xu Playground for art... ZHANCUN art.

Working with Xteve on my feature film SHANGDOWN has been a great experience. Steve's knowledge was embraced on set and his vision always spot on. I highly recommend him as a DP!

Jakob Montrasio Producer, Director

We had the opportunity to work together at Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai, China for more than a year. During that time, I could witness the quality of his work and the sense of organization and compromise with the institution. He is a very serious professional who always got his assigned jobs done in time. Xteve is an outstanding professional which I could recommend as an excellent asset for any trustworthy company.

Billy Bacon Diretor Central de Produções at MEDGRUPO